Schools & Groups

Reserving for Group Ski Use

Organizations or large groups of individuals may request group booking for skiing at the club.

Large group bookings may be arranged for weekday or weekend use, but cannot be scheduled at the same time as the Jackrabbit program, loppets or other club events which attract large number of skiers. Please refer to our calendar of events.


Cross-country ski discount packages from the Temiskaming Nordic Ski Club are now available for companies, institutions, and community organizations.

Each package contains day passes for adult skiing and equipment usage. The rates for the passes are based on the cost of a day trail pass, plus the rate for ski rental equipment (boots, poles and skis). The discounted rate is $20.00/adult, which represents a 20% reduction from regular rates.

For a group of 10 adult participants $200 for trails & equipment
For a group of 20 adult participants $400 for trails & equipment

Other package combinations can be arranged upon request.

Gift / Reward Idea For Clients & Employees

You can also purchase a group of passes at the above rates to offer as a great gift/reward idea for clients and employees! Upon purchase of a package, the buyer will receive the requested number of day passes. The guest who uses the pass will take the pass to the ski club, fill out the club registration form (for insurance purposes) and place the pass with the registration form in the day use box inside the chalet.

Reserving for Non-ski Group Use

Rentals may be made available to community groups that participate in activities which respect the environment and promote the health of the community and whose activities and actions will uphold Temiskaming Nordic’s image and reputation. In the past, groups have used our trails and facilities for running, photo sessions, etc.

Any group interested in booking the facilities should send their request via email at least a week before the proposed outing to

See the Temiskaming Nordic Outside User Agreement Form for details.

Steps before your visit:

Download and complete Group Use Application Form for Skiing at Temiskaming Nordic Ski Club (TNSC).

Send your request via email at least a week before your proposed outing to temiskamingnordic (at)

School Visits

Temiskaming Nordic invites your school /class to visit our club and trails and experience cross-country skiing.

We encourage teachers/supervisors to prepare their students for the visit by ensuring suitable clothing and proper etiquette both on the trails and in the chalet. We invite you to look at our web site section, ‘How to Start’ to learn more about the basics and also what to wear.

The club may be able to provide qualified instructors for organizations lacking experienced ski coaches. Please contact us to see if basic group training would be possible.

From a risk management perspective, teachers/supervisors are encouraged to have adequate skiing background and may decide to receive additional training prior to the school visit. Workshops may be available to provide basic introduction to the technique essentials for novice skiers. Please watch for training dates on the calendar of events or contact us to organize a training session.


School group fees are discounted. The Day Use Trail fee is $4.00 for each individual attending, including students, teachers and other supervisors. Equipment rental fee is $6.00 per person. A cheque payable to Temiskaming Nordic Ski Club is the preferred method of payment, but cash can also be accepted if necessary.

Steps before your visit:

  1. ReadSchool letter for 2017-2018 Season for information on expectations and how to reserve time for your school.
  2. Download and completeGroup Use Application Form for Skiing at Temiskaming Nordic Ski Club (TNSC).
  3. Check: the Events Calendar for available dates.

Send your request via email at least a week before your proposed outing at You may also want to contact Joanne Beeson at (705) 679-5106 to discuss you proposed outing. A confirmation email will be sent back to you within 48 hours.

On the day of your visit :

Provide a written list of names of everyone involved: participants, supervisors & parents. The list would remain at the ski club.

Pay your user/equipment fee to the contact person at the chalet or to the collection box inside the chalet.

Follow the general instructions posted in the chalet and be respectful of the trails and other skiers.

Follow equipment rental instructions posted in the chalet as it is important to match the skier as best as possible with the proper equipment.

Ensure that all participants are properly dressed for the weather conditions. We invite you to visit the ‘How to Start’ section of our website to learn more about the basics and also what to wear.

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